Virtually Human

Showcased at Sheridan's Hazel McCallion Campus Gallery, April to June 2017 (click here for directions

Completely surrounded by the virtual and cut off from the real world, virtual reality can provide the viewer with a heightened sense of physical presence in a scene.  Building on this capability, researchers are studying how virtual characters can ultimately be made seem more believable and human.  

Researchers at Sheridan's Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT) are working with students, faculty, industry and community partners to better understand what creates these more immersive experiences.  This project titled: Virtually Human, allows the viewer to make their own judgment on the importance of using stereoscopic 3D versus 2D filming techniques, and the role of spatial sound versus stereo sound in a short scene with a digital character.


Behind the scenes look at how the Virtually Human experience was created. All work was done within SIRT's Stage 10 at Pinewood Toronto Studios and included core members of SIRT's research team.

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