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One of the only Unreal Engine Authorized Training Centre's in Canada.

SIRT is a Canadian Unreal Authorized Training Centre offering the highest standard of customized Unreal Engine workflow training in virtual production. This enables new and existing Canadian creatives to develop their skill set and transition from a traditional to a virtual production filmmaking pipeline. Through professional trainers and breakthrough technology, SIRT is leading virtual production innovation in Canada. Being certified means that SIRT has exclusive access to Epic Games instructors and course materials.

Why Train with us

SIRT Centre is committed to bringing you the latest technology, skills and best practices through specialized training. Our goal is to ensure professionals working in Ontario’s screen-based fields have the competitive advantage to produce award-winning creative content. Based on your specific skill requirements, project workflow and technology, register for our existing courses, or contact us to train your members, team and users through customized training.

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