Innovation that will evolve the industry and inspire the world.

That is what we strive for through the research we perform here at SIRT. By providing access to advanced technology, including leading edge equipment and studio facilities, a dedicated staff of industry experts, experienced faculty, and up-and-coming student researchers, we take our partners’ research projects to the next level. Companies partner with us to perform a variety of research projects, including computer programming, animation, gaming, interaction design and live action cinematography and post-production. Our core research staff is complemented by faculty and student researchers from Sheridan College, internationally renowned for its focus on the use of advanced technologies within the content production process, and other post-secondary institutions. The benefits are numerous:
  • Support our partners with innovation services including product testing, development, refinement, commercialization, and more.
  • Connect industry and community partners with specialized Sheridan faculty and students.
  • Provide students with valuable experience and exposure through working directly with industry.
  • Challenge students to apply classroom learning to real industry problems.
  • Allow partners to access SIRT’s state-of-the-art facilities and equipment as part of projects.
  • Strengthen our local economy by helping small, medium and large companies drive their businesses forward.

Our main research areas are:

  • Future of Digital Cinema: 4K and Beyond/High Dynamic Range/ High Frame Rate
  • Virtual Production
  • Software Development
  • Animation Pipelines
  • Virtual Humans
  • Motion Capture

Software Development

An integral part of our operations here at SIRT often involve the use of different software’s and programs. Our cutting-edge technology is made possible...

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Virtual Production

One of our core specialties here at SIRT. V.P. Involves the use of our 48 camera Motion/Performance capture system, LED walls and leading cinema cameras.…

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AI Virtual Humans

Virtual humans are computer-generated human characters that are found in animated and visual effects-based productions. They can use language, enact human gestures...

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Digital Cinema

Leading industry associations, guilds and screen-related companies come to the SIRT Centre at Pinewood Toronto Studios because it is the premier digital cinema testing and…

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