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Welcome to the Virtual Production Innovation Hub Membership! Here at #VPIH we provide companies with access to our immersive technology sandbox of innovative equipment such as digital cinema cameras, tracking systems and large LED volumes. These next-generation technologies are critical to conduct Virtual Production. With #VPIH our goal is to help industry leaders solve problems and figure out the best ways to continue working efficiently.

What We Offer

  •  Great Location: Located at Pinewood Studios in Toronto. Toronto is one of the largest tech clusters in Canada.
  •  Extensive Facility: Access to our stage and 10,000 square foot leading edge facility.
  •  Access: Full and unlimited access to our sound stage and state of the art equipment.
  •  Training: Fully customizable training to foster industry innovation.
  •  Exposure & Community: Expanding your access to industry leaders, unique network and supportive members.
  •  Support to Grow: Take workflows to the next level with the support of likeminded individuals.
  •  Mentorship & Feedback: Interaction with industry members takes your ideas and turns them into final products.
  •  Promotions: Mutual marketing and exposure mean increased traction and engagement on projects.

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