SIRT provides the ability for companies to engage with our team to meet their industry innovation needs. This includes a broad range of services and types of collaboration, access to technical expertise, specialized training and the accumulation and dissemination of the industry’s best practices. Our goal is to build our integrated suite of services to support technology development and adoption and workflow optimization for the screen industries.

Benchmarking: Through a thorough assessment of your production workflows, we identify areas of improvement.

Marketing: We will drive your marketing strategy though our vast network of industry connections and content creation through the use of innovative technology.

Consulting: If you’re looking for a short-term partnership to solve a specific technology or creative challenge, we offer consulting services that include customized training modules and documented feedback.

Applied Research: We work with subject matter experts and screen-related companies to solve industry issues for which there are no readily available solutions or techniques, and to develop new software and hardware.

Facility & Equipment Access: We provide specialized technical services and equipment to companies for the purpose of solving their specific technology challenges.

Private Workshops: Through customized training, we help companies adapt or expand their business models, and adopt new creative and technology processes.

Public Workshops: In order to enhance the capacity of the media production industry, we hold specialized technical and creative workshops that aim to advance theory and practice through both presentations by industry experts and hands-on demonstrations within our sound stage.

Seminars: We bring stakeholders together in a collaborative venue for a variety of focused workshops dealing with specific industry issues and opportunities. The results: learning, knowledge sharing and networking.

Referrals: We can connect you with industry sources and support services, other academic experts, and  government innovation support and funding.

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