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We partner with many different companies and organizations on a variety of projects. SIRT will provide mentoring, technology access and the industry connections required to bring projects to the next level. Our mission is to advance innovation in the film, television, gaming industries and to assist other industries with the implementation of technology innovation into their workflows. Whether it’s exploring technical or creative opportunities involving new equipment and processes within our sound stage, researching technology, collaborating with a company on new software or hardware development, or providing training to industry professionals, the work we do with our partners is transforming the industry. Come work with us! Contact us for more information about how a partnership with SIRT can benefit your organization: sirt@sheridancollege.ca.

What is VPIH?
For media innovators who want to develop and explore screen industry technology, SIRT Centre’s Virtual Production Innovation Hub is an innovation support hub that offers industry expertise and experience, collaboration, advanced technology, and unique training opportunities.

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