Virtual Production

One of our core specialties here at SIRT. V.P. Involves the use of our 48 camera Motion/Performance capture system, LED walls and leading cinema cameras. This system makes use of unreal engine to bring to life compelling and engaging visuals on our LED panels, removing postproduction time and shifting the creative decision making to the production instead.

Virtual Production (VP) is an area of digital cinema workflow that deals with real-time use of computer-generated assets during different stages of the production process. It includes real-time animation through motion capture as well as real-time compositing utilizing a green/blue screen or LED wall that requires advanced camera tracking technologies. SIRT has staff and equipment that address all of these areas of VP. From concept to completion, SIRT is advancing previsualization and other aspects of VP within content production and post-production processes and disseminating best practices across the digital media industry around the world.

Extensive, collaborative projects involving virtual production within high-end digital cinema have provided us with expertise in High Frame Rate and High Dynamic Range, stereoscopic production, performance capture and virtual cinematography using motion capture, real-time rendering, and simul-cam solutions integrating live action and computer-generated elements. This expertise also provides a foundation and informs our leading work in virtual and augmented reality.

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