Virtual Production technology on display at SIRT

It was a special two days of demonstrating Virtual Production to the Toronto screen industry here at Stage 10. We've partnered with PIXOMONDO and APG Displays to showcase the technical achievements we have made in this revolutionary way of filming.

The demo consisted of building three LED panels, comprised of 291 pixel pitch tiles, with each individual tile producing a pixel density of 112,896 pixels/square metre. The OptiTrack motion capture system with active marker was used for camera tracking, while an AMD Threadripper CPU with 2 Nvidia Quadro 2080Ti ran the LED panels, and an Aja Kona 4 Video card received the video feed from an ARRI Alexa camera.

Thanks to our technical partners Epic Games, OptiTrack and ARRI for the support.

Watch the full behind the scenes feature:

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