SIRT welcomes MetaVRse and CBC's The National for a discussion on 5G

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

SIRT's Stage 10 was the perfect setting for a discussion on 5G and future innovations.  5G is key for new technologies like VR/AR to be fully leveraged. Headsets have made progress by increasing resolution and framerates, but the trade-off is that it processes more data. The current 4G networks can't handle all that data so headsets need to be wired to a computer. This is a big problem because the wire can sometimes feel like a leash. This is where 5G comes in.

It is about 100 times faster than 4G and will make the reach of a headset pretty much limitless. That speed will also make self-driving cars, smart homes and even smart cities a real possibility. Alan Smithson is a futurist and top influencer in the AR/VR industry. He is also the CEO of MetaVRse, a VR/AR consultancy. The CBC's Reneè Filippone recently interviewed Alan at SIRT where he gave his predictions for what the future will look like in 2028.

SIRT is helping to prepare for the innovations of the future by working with companies like MetaVRse in tackling challenges with VR/AR and moving the technology forward.


This video is courtesy of CBC News: The National

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