SIRT Releases Monogram Creative Console Integrations on Unreal Engine Marketplace

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Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT) partnered with Monogram to innovate the Monogram Creative Console functionality. SIRT Centre and Monogram have developed the nDisplay Control Toolkit and the Multi-Operator Connection Tool to enhance Monogram hardware. SIRT is awaiting Unreal Engine Marketplace approval for the distribution of these tools, so stay tuned for more details!

Over the past year, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with Monogram to innovate the Monogram Creative Console functionality.

Monogram is a technology company that inspires creativity and productivity through various tools they develop. With the launch of their 2nd generation hardware, the Creative Console, Monogram continues to empower creatives to connect with their work in both familiar and innovative methods. Monogram hopes to enable creatives to enhance their professionalism, authenticity, and individuality through using their tools.

Want to learn more about the Creative Console?

Visit Monogram’s Product Page Here

Watch "Monogram Creative Console is Changing Virtual Production" here:


nDisplay Control Kit

We developed the nDisplay Control Toolkit to empower Monogram hardware to make virtual production straightforward and accessible.

The nDisplay Control Toolkit enables Monogram hardware to control camera settings of both the Inner Frustum Camera and Root display cluster camera at runtime with nDisplay, allowing you to translate and rotate the SamplePawn to position content on your display as needed. The toolkit also includes Null objects, which can be parents of any moveable actor to adjust their position and orientation at runtime using an accompanying Monogram Profile.

Want to learn more?

UE Marketplace: nDisplay Control Toolkit Plugin

For Technical Documentation Please See Here

Watch SIRT Centre’s nDisplay Control Toolkit Monogram Tutorial here:


Multi-Operator Connection Tool

We developed the Multi-Operator Connection Tool to allow you to connect more than one workstation with Monogram modules to a single Unreal Scene enabling them to manipulate the scene simultaneously.

With the Multi-Operator Connection Tool, you can assign any built-in function to either of your consoles and start collaborating in real-time. SIRT Centre has added an IP address configuration line to the standard config.json file to connect each system to a host machine, so the tool can run over a local area network or across the internet.

Want to learn more?

Watch SIRT Centre’s Multi-Operator Connection Tool Monogram Tutorial here:


With our Monogram workflow integrations, all content creators can come together and expand their creative possibilities. From Filmmakers to Game Developers, the Monogram Creative Console workflow integrations will enhance your production experience and inspire you to achieve more! Click here to explore how Monogram can take your content to the next level!

For more news and updates, be sure to stay connected with Monogram and SIRT on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter!

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Download nDisplay Control Toolkit Plugin

nDisplay Control Toolkit Technical Documentation 

Multi-Operator Connection Tool Technical Documentation and Download Coming Soon!


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