IAB Canada MIXX 2018 – Full Circle

Necessity is the mother of invention. It may have taken twenty years but all signs indicate that we have finally arrived at a critical point of re-invention as marketers, as advertisers and importantly, as consumers.

The next years of digital media and its consumption will be shaped by a new generation of concepts that are designed primarily out of necessity. We are about to witness a whole new order unfold that will affect everything from who is advertising, the very definition of digital marketing and naturally, how it will be executed.

This year’s IAB Canada MIXX event will delve into our arrival at the full circle which includes an exploration of how consumers have conjured the explosion of direct to consumer brands, how advertisers have articulated needs that will most likely be addressed through blockchain and how the reshuffling of the eco-system will play out in years to come.

MIXX has a packed agenda, featuring digital marketing to transforming the customer experience to blockchain.

SIRT will be participating on a panel discussing intelligent virtual humans! Are we ready for them?

Event details and tickets can be found on IAB's official MIXX 2018 event page.

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