ENGAGE WITH THE FUNDERS - Building your VR/AR Capacity

SIRT Stage 10, Pinewood Toronto  Studios, 225 Commissioners Street, Toronto, ON M4M 0A1

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018, from 10:00am - 1:00pm

SIRT’s VR/AR Innovation Lab has been established to help you build your capacity in these sectors through development and application of new processes, products, and services.

Through support from the National Research Council’s IRAP program, your company can receive initial funding to work with SIRT to explore how you can accelerate product and process development, marketing and commercialization in the VR and AR sectors. Please be advised that funding is only available for companies that fall under the designation of Small to Medium Enterprise (SME).


  • Introductions
  • SIRT's VR/AR consulting and applied research support:
    • VR/AR lab team 
    • Collaboration Examples
  • Presentations from key funding partners:
    • NRC IRAP
    • OMDC 
    • CMF
    • FACTOR
  • Q&A panel with keynote speakers
  • Lunch with SIRT team

Registration is mandatory. Click the invite to register and see more information:


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