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SirtNet Burstable capacity. Quick access. Flexible real-time collaboration. From preproduction to delivery, SirtNet is the solution for screen companies looking for a secure, high-speed fibre collaboration with on-net IT services. SirtNet was developed in 2013 and is a private broadband fibre network that provides much needed and complex IT services to the screen industry across the GTA, and soon, the world. To date, industry participation has been unprecedented. Here’s why: Offerings
  • Secure, dedicated broadband connectivity (dark fibre)
  • 1 GbE and 10 GbE fibre optics for member companies, their partners and clients
  • Cloud storage nodes and render blades within a secure GTA data center
  • All aspects of a project can be seamlessly transferred via an integrated network
  • Customized or existing solutions available for every production workflow
  • Designed to meet various IT, collaboration and cloud workflow needs
  • Provides main render and storage capacity
  • Greatly increases efficiencies within production and postproduction workflow

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