Technology showcase a hit during xoTO

With the film world descending on Toronto for the 2019 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, Sheridan’s Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT) was front and centre, bringing a technology showcase to xoTO House, an invite-only industry event on Saturday, Sept. 7.

SIRT’s research leads and students developed a cutting-edge spin on the traditional photo booth, allowing participants to interact with a digital alien creature in a spaceship environment through the use of the Unity engine.

The photo booth showcased real-time compositing by utilizing a green screen, Sony a7s camera, live facial capture data from Faceware Live, and motion data from the Vive tracking system to demonstrate virtual human puppetry.

Users had three output options and could receive a traditional photo booth film strip with four images, a single 4×6 photo, or a seven second video clip.


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