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Welcome to Sheridan's Screen Industries Research and Training Center (SIRT). We are a premier innovation destination for training, collaboration and creation for the screen-based industry in Ontario and around the world. This means we have the latest industry technology, advanced facilities and leading experts to help you and your team expand your knowledge and skills.

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Profusion 2016

Our SIRT team at #profusionexpo 2016 demonstrated an exclusive in-house VR experience.

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VES Toronto Presents: A VR Experience w/ Will Maurer & Ryan Cummins

Join us on September 20th at 7pm for an interactive behind the scenes VR experience with industry leaders from Legend. Will Maurer, VP of VR and VFX at Legend3D, will describe how the Cosmic Crusaders project came into their studio and will discuss his experiences working with Stan Lee on the project.

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